Remote Control Evaporative Air Coolers


  • Siboly New Arrival Temperature measurement and disinfection channel

    Anti-virus Disinfection Tunnel Using high-precision infrared spectrum sensor, factory calibrated by blackbody radiation source, can measure body temperature without contact at a long distance, can effectively avoid cross infection. Voice prompt for normal body temperature Voice prompt for over tempe...

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  • Siboly Air Cooler With Solar Systerm

    Siboly solar cooler , more energy save ,more envirotech , more comfort .

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  • Siboly New Arrival Prodcut- Heaters

    After our professional engineers team elaborately researching and developing,Siboly new product series-Heater is coming for the market now. Siboly heater series including baseboard heater and patio heater. Patio electric heater we have hanging style and standing style for your choose: *The heat...

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  • Siboly In Exhibition

    We will be exhibition at Milan on 11th to 14th April 2020 Join us in Milan for four days of the best and latest Siboly Air Cooler

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  • Siboly Autumn Outing Activity

    2019 Siboily Antumn Outing Activity  Wuyi Mountain is located at the junction of Jiangxi and the northwestern provinces of Fujian. The northern section of the Wuyi Mountains has a total area of 999.75 square kilometers. It is a famous scenic tourist area and summer resort in China. It is a typi...

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  • Evaporative cooler vs. air conditioning: which is better?

    When the heat arrives and we want to install an air conditioning system in our business, the main question we have is which one to choose. And among all, there are two that we usually debate between: evaporative cooler vs. air conditioning . Which will best meet my needs? In this post we discuss com...

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