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Can the Evaporative Air Cooler be used on rainy days?

Can the Evaporative Air Cooler be used on rainy days?

04 Sep 2023

When turning on the air cooler and cooling function on rainy days, certain 

situations may occur:


1. Water leakage at the air outlet may occur. While rain water normally cannot enter the air cooler, 

strong wind and rain outdoors may allow rainwater to enter and cause leakage.

2. If the indoor air is humid and the temperature reaches the dew point temperature, there may be 

condensation on the swing blade of the air outlet, resulting in dripping.

3. When it is raining outside, the water vapor in the air is close to saturation. Therefore, when the air cooler 

turns on its refrigeration function, the water above the wet curtain may not be evaporated by the incoming air, leading to a decrease in cooling effect on rainy days.

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