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Siboly Air Cooler Common Problems & Suggested Solutions

Siboly Air Cooler Common Problems & Suggested Solutions

18 Jan 2022

Common Problems & Suggested Solutions

1.       Inadequate cooling

(1)    Wrong adjustment of the float valve and low water.

Please adjust the water level in range of 80 to 100 degrees.

(2)    The drain valve is stuck.

Please change a new drain valve.

(3)    The water distributor is silt up.

Please clean water distributor.

(4)    The filter is too dirty.

Please clean filter.

(5)    The water supply pipe is silt up.

Please clean the water supply pipe.

(6)    Check the pump to see if it burns out or not.

If it burns out, please change a new one.

Besides the reasons shown above, inadequate cooling also could be caused by the following reasons: lower water pressure, no water inlet of float or solenoid valve.


2.     Water leakage

●     Leakage from drain valve

(1)    The drain valve is stuck by dirt and cannot be closed properly.

Please clean the drain valve and remove the dirt or dust.

(2)    When installing the filter, the float valve is pressed by the screen which makes water into it continuously.

Please check the filter and reinstall it correctly according to the user guide.

(3)    Sealed spacer in the float valve is damaged.

Please change a new spacer.

(4)    The water tank is slant.

Please adjust it to the level.

Besides the reasons shown above, water leakage also can be caused by the following reasons high water inlet pressure, which makes the float valve unclosed and causes high water level.

●     Leakage from air pipe

(1)    The filter is broken.

Please Change a new one.

(2)    There is burr in the surface of filter and makes water into the venturi.

Please make sure that the surface of filter is smooth.

(3)    Filter is too dirty and stuck by dirt.

Please clean it and remove the dirt.

(4)    The water distributor is too dirty and water is absorbed into the venturi from the water distributor.

Please clean the water distributor.

(5)    The rubber tube in the cooler is broken.

Please change a new one.

(6)    Unqualified installation of canvas soft connection and it can cause waterlogging in the canvas when raining, and then water comes into the venturi.

Please adjust the canvas soft connection.

(7)   The waterproof-glue of the air pipe drops. And when raining, rain comes inside from the gap of the pipe.

Please wipe the waterproof-glue again.

●     Leakage from metal water-inlet flexible-hose

The flexible-hose is aged or broken and water leakages from it.

Please change new flexible-hose.

3.       Too much noise

●     The motor fastener is loose.

Please tighten it.

●     The venturi cocks when the cooler is under transport or installation.

Please adjust the venturi.

●     The motor bearings get stuck.

Please change the bearings or motor.

●     Fan blades are loose.

Please tighten them.

●     The air pipe is not installed correctly according the design.

Please modify the installation.

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