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Siboly portable air cooler working principle and application

Siboly portable air cooler working principle and application

04 Sep 2020

I am excited to introduce our  “super star” product 5000 airflow portable air cooler!  We call her Mrs.5 .

Why Mrs.5 can be our super star? lets research Mrs.5 together and see how evaporative air coolers working.

First of all , we see the exterior of the air cooler, our research and development Department well-designed the fashionable shell, it looks better than most air coolers in the market. Brighter and attractive .  The LED control panel , swing louver , and grid mesh small hole design ,  . Grace ,do you have kids in your home, Yes , the baby kids are always curious ,and have a strong desire to know about everything. See the hole of the grid is very small and close to keep your kids away from the danger of pinching hand .

Now , we are going to open the air cooler , then introduce to you guys how does evaporative air cooler working.  Lets see the inside main parts first , the motor ,water pump, axial fan, cooling pads ,water tank. Then , how does these parts working to making air?

The core Component is our cooling pads, when the device working, pump drawing the water

Through the water distributor, the cooling pads get wet.when fresh air passes though cooling pads, the water drops on pads cooling down the temperature.finally , our fan help it to discharge cool air . Meanwhile ,in this process,  fresh air will be blew in from outside, indoor odor,dusty and hot air will be discharged. Thus air cooler make a fresh and comfortable living and working environment. Look at our cooling pads , about 12cm , much better than most other air coolers.

portable remote control and foot brake feature, we can set Mrs .5 any place you want . suitable for all kinds indoor or outdoor applications.

In your house , we can stay with the air cooler in living room when you are watching TV, you can move it to the kitchen when you are cooking , you can move it to your bedroom when you are going to sleep,  move it to your garage when you fix or cleaning your car.

In your office, in the warehouse, in the supermarket , coffee bar , our Mrs 5 air cooler is your best partner in hot summer.

What about outdoors?   In hot summer , when you have a party in your garden, singing and dancing ,enjoy the BBQ and cool beer . Soon you fell happy and also sweat like a pig , but your AC is in your room, the fan keep blowing out the hot air. Its time to wake Mrs5 up to help you cooling down , then , continue enjoying your party time. On the weekend , you and your familiar drive to park to take a picnic, the outdoor wedding party ,the swimming pool. Mrs 5 air cooler will help you a lot in hot summer.

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