Evaporative Cooling System

Hardware electronic ceramics factory case scheme

Hardware electronic ceramics factory case scheme


Environmental issues:

1, most of the hardware, electronics, ceramic workshop welding and other dry heat production operations in the high temperature radiation environment will lead to the human body temperature regulation in chaos, easy to cause occupational heat stroke.

2. According to the research data, under the high temperature environment, people's reaction speed and computing ability will significantly decrease. Under the environment of over 35 degrees, people's various abilities are only 70% of the normal conditions, which are manifested as low mood and reduced work efficiency.

3. In some anomalously high temperature positions, the high-temperature and anoxic environment exceeding 50' makes it impossible for workers to work on fixed posts for a long time, so they need to be rotated to ensure that their operation affects the stability of their posts and reduces their work efficiency.

The solution

1. After the installation of Ciberli air conditioner, the dry and hot environment of the workshop can be rapidly improved, and the temperature in the workshop can be reduced by 4-15C within a few minutes. While cooling and ventilation can be realized, the air circulation in the workshop can be accelerated, and the odor can be eliminated by rapid cooling, heat removal and humidity removal, so as to reduce environmental pollution.

2. Cyborg air conditioners provide 100% fresh air operation, improve the working environment, enhance human comfort, enhance working efficiency, reduce defective products in the production process, and maintain the high quality of products.

3. By installing Siebli air conditioners, it can properly increase the moisture content in the air to solve the electrostatic problem caused by air drying in the electronic production workshop, meet the production process requirements, increase the moisture content in the air, reduce dust floating and diffusion and improve the air quality of the workshop environment.

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