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Siboly New Arrival Temperature measurement and disinfection channel

Siboly New Arrival Temperature measurement and disinfection channel


Anti-virus Disinfection Tunnel

Using high-precision infrared spectrum sensor, factory calibrated by blackbody radiation source, can measure body temperature without contact at a long distance, can effectively avoid cross infection.

Voice prompt for normal body temperature Voice prompt for over temperature alarm

Smart display

The body temperature display can be adjustable accordingly to the seasonal temperature difference, which can display the human body temperature more accurately.

Hand wash smart spray disinfection

The temperature measurement area is equipped with an intelligent induction sprayer, non-contact induction spraying, safe and hygienic, and can effectively sterilize the hands.

Automatically sense the ultrasonic out of the fog, stop when people walk out

A microwave sensor is installed at the equipment port, which can detect the entry of people,  start the fog machine by itself, spray the disinfectant into the channel, and stop automatically when the person leaves to avoid liquid waste.

Equilibrium spray box to reduce throttling without hurting facial organs

The balanced spray method is used in the disinfection channel, instead of directly  spraying human facial organs, the mist is more refined and no waste is caused.

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